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"Best mortgage broker ever and rock star person - 3 houses and something like 12 years later!"

"This team provides smart, friendly & competitive support. After 10 years, I wouldn't choose anyone else to assist my clients! 10 out of 5!"

"The team is excellent! All were very personable and knowledgeable, and were happy to walk me through the process and answer all of my many questions. I will recommend them to any of my friends and family requiring a mortgage broker."

"This team are 'Mortgage Ninjas'! Not only do they work hard to find the best option for their clients, their customer service is unlike anything you will ever receive at a bank. I am grateful to the entire team behind the scene at Mortgage Solutions"

"Thank you for taking such excellent care of everyone I send your way, it’s very much appreciated. ???? Also, thank you for the Red Gift box -what a nice surprise. The Foot Butter is so awesome, I’ll definitely be buying more of that and the wine was delicious. Thank you!"

"You have no idea how this affect Joanne and I – I can now relax and enjoy our children, grandchildren and the 3 great grandchildren without the fear of money. We can move forward on our later years in comfort and with more options if our health gives way. You truly are an angel, out angel!"

"Thank you so very much for everything and thank you for helping out my dad. I cannot believe that I am moved into my new townhome already. I absolutely can’t get this huge smile off of my face. I have taken the week off to get settled in. I would love to catch up with you, oh and I will always send referrals your way. I am just so speechless and grateful and humbled. Please take care out there and thank you again and again."

"Thank you so much for the fantastic “Family” gift we received this week! So greatly appreciated and we really do appreciate the work you and your team did in securing our new mortgage for our new home! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you! In fact, in the new year we’ll be contacting you to find out options about the existing mortgage we have on our Calgary townhome to see what our options might be there too. Thanks again,"

"Just wanted to thank you for the gift you sent awhile back to the head office. (sorry I don’t go there often????) Love your professionalism and drive to help out our customers. You’re a great part of our success. Thanks again and stay safe."

"Thank you both so very much for everything again. We feel so very lucky and spoiled to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful people. Marlene, please thank your team for us as well. We LOVE the cutting board such a lovely sweet gesture. Thank you for all your hard work and just everything. We feel truly blessed going into this new year, we also wish you all the very best in this new year. Thank you all again!! Hope your all well. Take care,"
K and N

"On behalf of my wife, Dianne, and our dear friends and fellow co-home owners ????, Traci and Dan, I want to say a very big thank you to you and the entire Mortgage Architects Team who worked on getting this financing obtained and approved. It has been a pleasure working with you to get this done successfully and on time. Your support has been critical to accomplishing this in the short timeframe we had and as a collective, we are very grateful for all of your efforts. We look forward to celebrating the home closing with you..... somehow, someway in this socially distant world we now live in.....we will get it done. Do have a great long weekend and stay warm."
D and I

"Good Afternoon, Thank you very much!! Also huge shout out to you on our mortgage rate, our lawyer was absolutely blown away. Enjoy your weekend and thank you again for all your help during this process. Thanks,"
J and J

"I just wanted to say that I am incredibly touched by the gesture seriously made my day. Reinforced what a great decision I made to go with you and your company. Not thethat I had any hesitations but I’m just blown away. Have a wonderful weekend !!!"

"We were super nervous about buying in today's market after hearing horror stories from other buyers about how arduous the process had become. We reached out to Mortgage Architects because we liked the idea of working with a local team and I'm so happy we did. If you're uncertain about the process and want expertise that makes the process a hundred times easier, go with the team at Mortgage Architects. Jerry was our mortgage advisor and he answered all of our questions and worked hard to ensure our process was a smooth one. We are so thankful to be on the other side of the approval and will be highly recommending him and the whole team to anyone who is thinking of buying a house. Thanks so much again!"
Ab & EB

"Thank you for the amazing job on my mortgage. Very well done and I couldn’t be happier. ????"

"Thanks so much Marlene! You and your team just went above and beyond! We are so happy with our new house. We went from not even interested in moving to in our new home in 6 weeks and the finances were the easiest part of it all!"
K and K

"Thank you so much for the beautiful and thoughtful card. It is unique and I love it! And I also received the fall version of Style at home magazine and thank you for it also. Hope you are doing well with business and I will always remember you and your team and how you are able to make things happen!!! You are the first person I think of when someone needs a mortgage professional. Can’t wait to send you referrals."

"Thank you so much Cody. It was a pleasure working with you as you made the purchasing process so quick and simple. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know and look forward to working with you again in the future."

"Thank you so much Lotte!!! I appreciate all your hard work :) You and your team are the best!!"

"Excellent, thanks so much! You guys were so easy to deal with as you were 5 years ago when we bought our house. have a good day!"

"I hope you are doing well. I received a package from you guys with movie tickets and some treats. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for that and really for everything. Renewing my mortgage was so simple, Cody really went above and beyond. I have been nothing but impressed with your firm. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season Thank you"

"To everyone at Mortgage Arhitects, Throughout the purchase of our home, you guys have been the most professional and the easiest people to work with. thank you all. I am especially thankful to Cody, who went above + beyond to help me when I needed it most. You have made a big difference. thank you so much."

"A bottle of wine and flowers doesn't express how thankful I am, thank you for all you have done for me. Your an amazing woman! Cheers so much xxxxxxx"

"I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, and amazing service that you always provided to my clients. Your level of service has yet to be matched. I appreciate you taking care of Mary today the exact same way yo have with all customers in the past."

"Thank you so much for the confirmation and all of your help through this process. You are fantastic to deal with and take a lot of stress out of the home buying process. THANK YOU!!!"

"The team has always been great to us, and when we renewed our mortgage early a couple months ago. Thanks for all the great work!"

"You are two of the hardest working people I know. Every day - for years! - going above & beyond for your clients. I can't believe how much you've helped me, I wish I could do more. But just know I tell everyone about you, and thank God for you often. Of course with my wild life I'm sure I'll be on to the next adventure soon. I hope you don't retire before our next project, next time I'm cooking you guys dinner at my new place."

"Best Mortgage Planners"

"It is great dealing with this team for my mortgage needs."

"The team helped us keep our deposit than another broker was about to lose, we are so grateful."

"Love the tips that the office offers to show me how to increase the value of my home, mortgage review numbers; inputs on how to pay off mortgage early."

"There's too many favourite service experience moments. However, I would say the quick reply to my emails and the prompt service to my prospective clients is excellent."

"We just got another mortgage with you guys, and we are temporarily living outside the country, you were extremely accommodating & very helpful throughout the whole process."

"Free magazines are great!"

"Your so welcome! We're glad you all are enjoying the gift basket. You guys don't just help people get a mortgage, you change lives and in our case save lives. We didn't know if we could buy a home but on our first visit you set us up and 9 days later we owned our home. In our eyes it was a miracle to have safe place for our family. So what you do is life changing and we will be forever grateful."

"You guys are great, always available for my questions and going the extra mile with suggestions and advice,"

"Kim and I want to thank you so much for all your service! You guys were absolutely fantastic, great at getting back to us in such a timely matter. Your knowledge is outstanding and your willing to help to the maximum is beyond expectations! We are so glad we picked you guys and I’ll be definitely referring you to many people we know and post your business and your names in our work pages for referrals. Huge thank you for everything you did! We’re so excited for our first home, we started our moving process and we can’t wait to settle in and enjoy our home."

"That was a smooth, extremely minimal stressful transaction with this team."

"That is fabulous news!!! Thanks so much you have been amazing!!"

"When I heard there was an outstanding balance on my mortgages, even though it had nothing to do with the team or the associates, they went out of her way to help me out even though I hadn't been a client for over 2 years!!"

"Great service from this team when building a new house. Open, honest, and quick advice when I needed it."

"We just wanted to pass along our sincerest thank you to each and every one of you, for the part you played in helping us get into our new home. Your patience with my endless questions and emails was sincerely appreciated and helped to make a very nerve-wracking experience a whole lot smoother. You are all true professionals and your help was invaluable. We are settling into our new home one box at a time, and loving every minute of it...sort of, except the 'what box should I open next' part. :) Thanks again!"

"I managed my home's mortgage with you guys around 18 months ago and the whole process was very easy and smooth with no problems. Thanks."

"Sorry for not entering the coloring contest but I would never be able to stay within the lines. I would like to thank everyone for the great job you did for us. Everything is running smoothly on our end. Mary and I wish all a very merry Xmas and prosperity in the new year."

"Renewing my Mortgage was easy and made sense. You guys always made sure that I understood everything and is very prompt in replying to my questions. I wouldn't hesitate referring you to anyone who needs your service."

"Thanks for the information, we met with the lawyer this morning and all was smooth sailing:) Thank you so much for all the work you and the team put in for us. We are extremely happy with your services and would gladly refer you to any of our friends."

"We received a much lower interest rate which also lowered my monthly payment, just awesome."

"Thanks for all the help we appreciate it! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING at what you do!!! Referrals galore on my end if people are looking for a mortgage broker. Keep doing what you are doing!"

"I like the letter you sent to me with tips on refinancing based on home equity built up to help pay bills and do some renovations."

"You guys always remember important dates. Thank you."

"good service is hard to find :( but you and your team are amazing and always reply fast and are so helpful and friends, 2 homes through you and will always do our mortgage needs with you."

"About 10 months you help me. Suggesting that I get a line of credit in order to pay my truck off so I wouldn't lose it. So I did and the truck is now paid off. Thank so much for everything you have done for me in order to get my first home.. Always recommend you to everyone I come across looking to buy."

"My favourite service experience was not only spending to with you and shooting the breeze but your professionalism when dealing and assisting clients. Knowing you are there to assist with my financial needs is comforting. It also bares to recognize your admin who had the forethought and o call me back after I made my appointment to let me know you moved, I so appreciated this. I have to say the new space is much more accommodating"

"Best Service I have had in the last 6 months, great rate and remortgage with you."

"I like the way that everyone took the time to answer all my questions and explore every possibility with me,"

"Awesome customer service everytime I call."

"Your team was great, worked signing dates around my schedule which for someone who is out of town 75% of the year is very important. Thanks again!"

"Having this team to assist in saving $$$$$$ for our family with our mortgage. They have made it seamless with moving from mortgage to another without getting out of the house!"

"Being a client since 2012,purchasing a second home here in ottawa,I'm very satisfied with you to provide valuable help and always refer to my friends."

"Well the service provided by your team, even if it was more than 6 months ago will never be forgotten by our family! Thank you very much!"

"Working with this team to get my mortgage in place. The service was excellent & helped lower the stress levels that come with buying a house."

"This is perfect! We have a garage now, so I couldn't imagine brushing my car off now! Haha I'm kind of a princess! Thank you again, you are amazing!"

"Thanks again for being so on top of our mortgage for us. We appreciate it and will highly recommend you to friends!"

"We are so excited and so thankful for all your help."

"Thank you so much! We just got done at the lawyers, it's feeling more and more real!"

"Thanks!! As always, your service is amazing. Really appreciate it!"

"Thank you so much to the Team. Your service has been excellent. Have a wonderful day!"

"Great job with Michelle!!! She was floored by your customer service and advice.... they are coming in Saturday at 2pm to view lots and get some pricing xo."

"Hi there, Thanks so much for the hard work and commitment to provide an outstanding service!"

"I love my new home!! Its so beautiful. Thank you for your hard work in making it work for me and thank you for your help, it has enriched my life so much. Hope you have a great summer."

"I am so happy this worked out. Thanks again for all your help.... miracle worker I swear!!"

"Good Morning, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and hard work. You are an awesome broker to work with and made this process very easy and smooth running. Thanks again and talk with you soon."

"WOW you are amazing!! Thanks so much!"

"Thank you so much..... for every thing. You guys are awesome."

"Thank you and I believe all set up now. I do appreciate your professional help on entire mortgage process as well the excellent service of your company."

"Thank you for all your hard work and assistance-you're amazing and I greatly appreciate all you guys have done!"

"Awesome! We are so excited. I will let you know if we don't hear form the lawyer. Thanks for all your help and making the process easy!"

"Thanks again, it went well and yes we are very happy with how everything turned out! Thank you so much for all your help!"

"We received funds woohoo. Everything worked out awesomely and thanks for helping us. I really appreciate it and all your help with this haha it wasn't the easiest lol."

"Great news for a new week! Good job, thank you for the great job you are doing"

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